Lems Mariner Sonora Shoes

Gearflogger reviews Lems Mariner Sonora shoes

If you're the kind of person who thrives on minimalism, chances are you've looked at Lems shoes for your footwear needs. If you haven't, it's time to start. Lems has a rich stable of minimalist footwear for your every need, and in case your every need involves any kind of activity on the deck of a boat, well they've got you covered there too.

The Lems Mariner Sonora is the love child of a moccasin and a boat shoe, and although moccasins aren't known first and foremost for their stylishness, the Sonora must take after the other parent because she's a beauty. Kind of like how Liv Tyler is somehow the product of Steven Tyler. You get the idea.

The Sonora is a featherweight, a mere nine ounces of raw, breathable leather with no lining and a zero drop. They really shine when you slip them on barefoot, providing just the right amount of protection and padding while maintaining a zen-like connection with the ground. This is helped by the fact that they do have just a bit of pronation, rolling the foot ever so slightly inward. We normally expect some discomfort when breaking in a new pair of shoes, especially barefoot, but weeks in the Sonora have yet to produce a single complaint.

The leather laces easily stay locked in all day, and the soles have excellent traction wet or dry. The toebox is a tad wider than normal, and your toes will thank you for the extra room to spread out. Added bonus: the shoes wipe clean very easily for you clodbusters out there. As a boat shoe, travel shoe or just for lounging around, the nonmarking soles let you go anywhere in perfect comfort. We still feel that given their focus on quality and design, Lems shoes provide some of the best footwear value around.

$105.00 at Lems



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