LED Lenser P7 flashlight

GearFlogger reviews the LED Lenser P7 flashlightLEDs and flashlights go together like chocolate and peanut butter. Like tinfoil and hats. Like hollywood starlets and inappropriate smartphone pictures. You get the idea. LED Lenser, a German subsidiary of shiny-gear-porn stalwart Leatherman, steps up with the P7 flashlight.

First, thank you LED Lenser for using a sane naming convention for your lights. Must be the Teutonic heritage, which would also account for the solid feel and immaculate fit and finish of the P7. This quality extends all the way to the box it comes in, and the included nylon holster and lanyard.

The P7 just fills up an average hand, making the ergonomics work seamlessly: press the tailcap once for bright (175 lumens), twice for dim (25 lumens). If you touch but don't fully depress (to a click) the button, you get a "boost" lighting mode that is just barely brighter than the high setting. This is most useful operating from the dim mode when you want to really zap something, and it only lasts while maintaining light pressure on the switch.

The P7 has a cool trick up its sleeve: the bezel slides forward and back along the main axis of the handle to focus the beam. You can do this with one hand, and it's pretty neat to be able to go from blinding spot to diffuse flood in a pinch, much better than a standard twist to focus design. There are a few design choices that might concern some folks: the P7 is completely round, so it will roll off a flat surface. The tail is rounded so you can't set it on a flat surface, without support, pointing straight up to act as a room light. And it doesn't have a voltage regulator, so the four AAA batteries start to dim after 45 minutes or so of continuous operation. Using better batteries definitely extends performance.

On the other hand, you get IPX4 water resistance, a crazy bright light with effortless focus, and outstanding quality in a light that just feels great in the hand. And all this at a reasonable price should make you seriously consider the P7 as a standout handheld light.

$40.78 at Amazon



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