Lake Tahoe Bouldering

GearFlogger reviews Lake Tahoe Bouldering book We're moving to Tahoe! Well, OK, not right this minute, but after spending a gorgeous weekend spring skiing at heavenly, scoping out the quality granite in the area and hearing all about off-the-hook mountain biking we're this close.

If you want to find all the hooptie problems but your personal hygiene is so bad it prevents you from having actual friends who might live in Tahoe, buy this book: Lake Tahoe Bouldering by Kevin Swift and Chris McNamara is another superb SuperTopo guidebook that covers logistics and routes and even throws you a few bones about local attractions of interest to dirtbag climbers. You know, free camping, cheap eats and places to grab that essential item you forgot to pack in your pre-roadtrip geargasm.

The photography is superb, both for the beta and just to get you stoked on the gorgeous scenery. Maps are plentiful and presented at useful scales from the 10,000 foot view to a pile of a dozen boulders. Go. Climb. It really is all that, and this book will show you the way.

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