La Sportiva Nuptse double boot

NuptsebootLike the big-game guides say, if you’re going after a big ‘un make sure you bring enough gun. When the big ‘un is high-altitude, high-latitude and cold enough to evaporate your pee before it hits the snow, La Sportiva’s Nuptse double boot is your BFG: big freakin’ gun.

The six-pound Nuptse is NOT a plastic boot: it’s built from a combination of insulated, coated polyurethane and other materials, and the materials and articulated design result in an exceptionally warm, comfortable and flexible that feels somewhere between plastic and leather when hiking and climbing. Bonus: the gusseted tongue opens wide to easily get your dogs in.

What’s not to like? Aside from being a bit on the porky side it’s a wide boot. Specifically the toe is wide enough that it is difficult to get the front toe bail on step-in crampons to fit snugly. We tried Black Diamond Sabretooths, Grivels and Stubais and none of them attached well in the front. With that caveat, get combi crampons and you’re good to go.

$309.95 at Mountaingear


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