La Sportiva Miura rock shoe

GearFlogger reviews the La Sportiva Miura rock shoe What do I have in common with Tommy Caldwell and other top climbers? Unfortunately only my La Sportiva Miura rock shoes, because I get kicked off their walk-up routes faster than the French can surrender. Years after the Miura was introduced it still shows up on the hardest lines.

These little lace-up slot cars are designed to concentrate power on to your big toe for the ultimate in small-foothold performance. Pain-free? Hell no! But if you can get grit your teeth long enough to become accustomed to the feeling of standing on the last knuckle of your big piggie while it squeals like… well, a pig, you will climb like a scared cat. How's that for mixing animal metaphors?

La Sportiva continues to have the best footwear lacing systems in the business, and the speed laces on the Miuras cinch tight with no effort and stay that way. The Vibram XS soles grip like a gecko, although I have managed to rough mine up pretty good in just a season. The Vibram is supposed to be pretty tough so maybe it's my sloppy climbing style. I'm man enough to admit it.

These are great all-around high performance shoes that excel at all types of climbing. Try them on a little small; I'm normally a 42 but I went with a 41 on the Miuras. You'll notice a little extra material that bunches on top of the toes, but it doesn't seem to affect performance and the fit is otherwise very precise.

$170.00 at REI


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  1. They look a really cool pair of rock shoes. We can’t get them over here (UK) though (at least I can’t find them!). I should probably stop buying climbing gear anyway!

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