Kom Cycling Media Desk

Gearflogger reviews the Kom Cycling Media DeskLet's face it, we can't be outside biking every day. Even with fatbikes for crushing it in the winter, there are days where an indoor session is just what the trainer ordered. And with the wide array of training apps available to us, we can use a screen for motivation for a change.

Kom Cycling makes a some uber-cool biking products, including a few aimed at the indoor training sesh. You don't need to take out a second mortgage for a Peloton setup when you've got a perfectly good bike and a fluid trainer. All you need is the pipe in the motivation via a good training app like Zwift, Bkool or Wahoo Systm (formerly Sufferfest, and awesome name, why give that up?).

Kom's media table is a compact, stable and height adjustable table that will hold your screen of choice while you punish yourself for impure thoughts. There are two bottle holders and a wide nonskid rubberized surface for your screen, so even the screams of the damned will not cause your expensive screen to slide off and sacrifice itself to the cycling gods. There is a wide slot that can hold a phone or tablet upright without a separate stand needed, and that's about it – all you need and nothing you don't, it's really a slick design.

The table adjusts from sitting to standing height easily and locks into place. It also swivels freely for quick adjustments. The Kom media desk is lightweight and easily moved, and combined with it's versatile design we found ourselves using the table for a lot of other things besides cycling. It's a great videoconferencing table, standup desk, and music stand for practicing an instrument. It really does multiple duties well, so a big shout-out to whoever designed this thing!

$99.99 at Kom Cycling




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