Klik 1-Ply Belt

Gearflogger reviews the Klik Belts 1-PlyNo secret, we're big fans of Klik Belts around here. Their D-Ring Rescue Belt is a staff fave. Klik recently added a quiver of 1-ply belts to their traditionally 2-ply stable. The new belts are lighter and more flexible, but retain the same high level of quality.

1-ply belts aren't suitable for carrying heavy tools and things, but we found ourselves wearing our Klik belt for more casual use and with lighter tools. The 1-ply belts are the perfect answer, and they come with a standard 1.5 inch width webbing and with the same Cobra buckle as the heavier models.

You can even add a Velcro option if you absolutely positively have to secure that tail, but beware it does make it a bit more difficult to thread the belt through your pants loops. Klik belts are uber-strong, look fantastic and will make any dad happy.

$58.00 at Klik Belts



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