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Gearflogger reviews Kidz Gear headphones

Kids. Long trips in planes, trains and automobiles. You better be good at killing time time or you might want to kill yourself to get out of the misery. Good parents try to minimize screen time, but every parent knows there comes a point at which it's not reasonable to expect kids to entertain themselves on hour eight in the same seat on an international flight.

And when that time comes, that fancy screen will be a lot more entertaining with audio. Problem: kids don't like headphones. Solution: fun-looking headphones built for kids. Kidz Gear has it wired, literally, with their corded headphones for kids. They come in bright colors, are sized appropriately, adjust easily and best of all are volume limited to protect their precious little ears. They even include a good quality storage bag with drawstrings.

Our 2.5 year old didn't like them at first, but with a little gentle coaching he eventually realized he could hear Disney-Pixar's Cars a lot better with headphones on. From then on they were HIS headphones and now all is good. Seriously, given the problem this solved for us the price looks like perhaps the greatest bargain in the history of time.

$19.99 at Amazon



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