Kelty Carport Deluxe shelter

Carport Ever pull into a campground and wish you could just attach something to your car and sleep under it? Kelty heard your wish and grants you the Carport Deluxe. Before you ask, there is no non-deluxe version for you cheapskates, although there is a simpler Car Tarp.

The weatherproof Carport is a behemoth at well over ten pounds. On the plus side it's sturdy and the sleeve-and-clip design sets up fairly fast; we followed the clear instructions and had it up in about fifteen minutes first time. If there's wind you'll want to take the time to guy it out with the included stakes. There are two main configurations, as a lean-to or as an awning (pictured). Either way requires a roof rack, to which the Carport attaches with velcro tabs.

In either configuration there is a lot of space: the large (for trucks and SUVs) has a spacious 126"x116" footprint, enough for four adults to sleep comfortably. In lean-to mode the triangular side panels drop down to provide a completely enclosed area, and there's a mesh window with privacy panel. For families and dirtbag climbers – you know who you are, you camp out in front of the good climbs at J-tree for ten days at a time – the Carport's versatility and roominess will be attractive. If you've got LittleFloggers, they can sleep in the car with the windows down and it's like a separate room, kind of nice for semi-privacy.

$320.00 at REI




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