Kelty Aqua Porter canteen

AquaporterW.C. Fields famously said, "I never drink water because of the disgusting things fish do in it." Of course, his liver was the size of his thorax and a vibrant shade of blue, but you have to admire the man's commitment.

For us less-committed but probably healthier people, getting a bunch of water down our pieholes when we're engaged in high-perspiration activities is a priority. Kelty is here to help: their Aqua Porter is a portable canteen that fills the niche between Camelbaks and Lister bags. The 8.5L Nalgene is handy for car and basecamp, but it's packable too if you're going somewhere a filter won't work. A little metric reminder: 1L of water weighs 1Kg or 2.2lb, so you're looking at 8.5*2.2=18.7lb plus one for the carrier, about 20lb packed.

The carrier is solidly built a la all Kelty gear, and the twist faucet never leaked on us. The handles are beefy and there are d-rings for a (not included) shoulder strap. The zipper slash pocket has a cord that can go through a roll of paper towels if you want to set it up as a wash station. All in all it's a great size for weekend warriors or a day at the crags in the hot season. The alternative is one of those monster square things, which are cheaper but a lot more difficult to move around.

$40.00 at REI




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