Kayland M11+ women’s boots

M11 SheFloggers rejoice, it's official: women's gear is now cooler than men's. The Kayland M11+ women's boot is an absolute top-tier performer that has the added bonus of looking even cooler than the men's version.

The M11 was an award-winning boot last year, and as the little plus sign indicates it's even better this year. You have to appreciate a company that isn't afraid to improve an already great design, and Kayland delivers a little extra oomph in the form of a new upper and midsole that are both lighter and more durable. We now understand why Kayland boot owners rave about their products.

The features are wired tight: the integrated Schoeller gaiter is fast and effective, and the automatic crampon bails – unlike some boots – work with every model we could put on them. The asymmetrical lacing system is fast and secure, and the snug and comfortable fit screams, "climb me!" The use of eVent and Primaloft equals brilliant breathability and warmth, amazing in a boot that only tips the scales at about 4lb a pair.

The bottom line is getting to the top, and the M11+ climbs like a scared cat. No hot spots for our tester, even right out of the box. Snow, ice, rock, mud, you name it, the M11+ can handle it, and all the while you'll be remarking – until your male partner in his old clunky boots asks you to shut up – about how racy and nimble they feel. At the end of the day you might forget to take them off, and as any Kayland cult leader will tell you, that's OK.

$399.95 at Bent Gate



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  1. Interesting views. looks cool! nice design,, but is it for women??? i wonder if i can wear that! by the way such a unique style! looking forward to your next post!

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