Julbo Explorer Glacier Glasses

Gearflogger reviews Julbo Explorer glacier glassesEye protection is one of those critical items that need redundancy in your packing list. It's also a very personal piece of gear, much like boots. It has to fit well or you'll notice it every minute. The Julbo Explorer glacier glasses are still our favorite eyewear when we're traveling into thin air.

The Explorers are a stout piece of eyewear, weighing in at 1.7oz with their side shields and leash. They don't come with a nose protector, but that's easily solved with a NozKon, and there's even a little slot on the bridge for it (note the production models don't have the little vertical piece in the middle of the slot). The lenses are very dark and perfect for high-glare snow travel. There are actually a few different lenses; I tried the Camel photochromic, polarized anti-fog lens and it's a winner: for such full coverage they don't fog too quickly.

The side shields add just a little bit extra coverage, and they snap in and out easily. They also have a matching vent hole so they don't obstruct the hole on the frame, and the holes are angled so you won't get a little laser sunburn. The arms are beefy; don't expect a lot of peripheral vision, but that just goes with the format. The temples are adjustable, which is good because the leash attachment points might poke your brain if you don't give them a little twist outward. The Explorers just nail it, and despite a full quiver of shades we keep coming back to them.

$120.00 at REI


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