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GearFlogger reviews Incrediwear Incredisocks

Behold, the humble sock. It can be the difference between a blister-filled suck-a-thon and a pleasant excursion. Fondly do I remember taking off my fancy vapor barrier socks after a long day on Denali to find blister lines that looked like steroid-pumping earthworms running up and down my shins. Choose your socks carefully, young Jedi.

Incredisocks by Incrediwear are Incredihyped, probably unavoidable given their invention by a chiropractor. The claims quickly exceeded my rudimentary understanding of things science-y, stuff about anions - different from both ions and onions, it turns out – and materials like germanium, presumably manufactured by grinding up Germans… hell, I don't know, I'm not a scientist, dammit!

Anyway, the point: Incredisocks are incredibly comfortable. I don't know squat about the properties of bamboo charcoal and whatnot, but the Incredisocks fit well, provide superior cushioning, and unlike some socks they actually do get more comfortable with repreated washing. The materials mix is 48% cotton, 30% spandex and 22% bamboo charcoal, and breathability is excellent. No clammy feet here, and no detectable skank-retention either, thanks to the charcoal. Not that my feet ever skank. In fact they smell like rose petals, but better and more manly. Bottom line: all hype aside, Incredisocks makes an awesome sock. Now when do we get the over the calf model?

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