iMainGo X portable speaker system

GearFlogger reviews the iMainGo X portable speaker system OK, you love your music and you can't imagine spending even a single night without a soundtrack to your life. Or maybe you just want the occasional tuneage to drown out your tent-mate's snoring (you know who you are!). You have been served: the improbably named iMainGo X portable speaker system is soon to be your best friend.

Most portable speakers are like normal speakers, but smaller. Specifically they are hard little angled things, but not the iMainGo X. it's a soft-sided little unit, kind of like some sunglass cases. Slip your iPhone or other MP3 player inside, connect the standard 3.5mm headphone out dongle, flip the switch and you're good to go.

The iMainGo X sounds terrific. It puts out great sound while protecting your player, and not only that it provides not one but two headphone jacks, one of which can be used to daisy-chain multiple units for bigger sound. There's even a mic-in jack, so feel free to bring a guitar and get your front-man freak on. The lithium ion battery lasts about ten hours, just remember to turn off the master power switch inside (not just the external power switch) to prevent battery drain if you won't be using it for a while. Highly recommended.

$69.95 at Amazon


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