If you live in Boulder you’re a lucky SOB

Outdoor  gear warehouse sale in boulder, colorado

Ooh, you lucky bastards! The Boulder outdoor industry is having a ginormous sale Friday and Saturday in Boulder, Colorado. We're talking demos, seconds, samples, discontinued stuff and more.

Top brands including Scarpa, Sportiva, BCA, Cassin, CAMP-USA, Deuter, Smartwool, Roxy, oh my Bag, Gibbon Slacklines, Simple, Sherpani, Wallaroo, Bonfire, Salomon, Kombi, Billabong, and Sea to Summit.

Portions of the proceeds go to various worthy groups and causes, so spend like there's no tomorrow! Big mountain season is almost here, so go big or go home! At 3850 Frontier Avenue, Suite 250 (12-6 Fri, 9-4 Sat) and 3550 Frontier Avenue, Unit E (4-7 Fri, 9-5 Sat).

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