Icon Irix II headlamp

GearFlogger reviews the Icon Irix II headlamp Icon, purveyor of sexy-design yet reasonably priced lighting, has a tricksy new headlamp out. The weatherproof Irix II weighs just 3.1oz with its single included AA battery installed, and can run as long as 100 hours on low power.

The Irix II has a knob instead of a button to control the light. Twist the knob and the five power-regulated LEDs give you continuously variable output from 5 to 50 lumens. The light is sufficient for up to running-speed activities. It's nice that you can twist it to minimum brightness and back to off without cycling through higher brightness settings and waking up your tentmates.

The straps is broad and comfy, with a little neoprene pad in the front. The lamp housing unit clips into a holder on the headband, so you can remove the light if you need an impromptu hand held light. Under serious jarring, more than you would normally subject it to, the light might rotate, but you can put a thin strip of athletic tape where the clips go to stabilize it. The Icon Irix II is a nice light at a nice price, especially if you like the tricks.

$23.95 at Amazon




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