Lundhags Nordic Skates

BcskatesI don't know what it is about these Swedes, but they seem to be spawning outdoor gear like rabid teenage reindeer. Case in point: Lundhags, based in Jarpen (drive north from Stockholm until you hit Hudiksvall…) has a full line of clothing, packs and footwear. But what you really want to check out is… a whole new sport!

Nordic skating is what we're talking about: clip into a pair of these fighter-jet looking skates as easily as Nordic skis – they use the same bindings – and you're in no time you're plowing through snow and over bumpy terrain that mere hockey skates would choke on. The secret is a wider and longer skate that floats and glides much better than skinny skates. Look out lakes and streams.

I tried Lundhags' Delta skate with Rottefella BC binding and the X-Arc waterproof synthetic boot and I am now a true believer. Skating over a frozen lagoon was no problem. Watching the SheFlogger panting behind me at twice the effort on her recreational skates was just a bonus; the Lundhags are warm, stable and the free heel makes for a much more natural stride. I've saved the best part for last: there's nothing better than walking right up to the ice in the X-Arcs, setting down your skates and just clipping in. You're ready to go while everyone else is still whining about their hockey laces. Just try it. If you have boots and bindings all you'll need are the pre-drilled blades.

$250.00 for Delta skates with pre-mounted Rottefella NNN bindings
$183.00 for X-Arc boots with Rottefella NNN compatible sole



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  1. Till now, I didn’t even knew that Lundhags produces Skates. I thought they’re just the(?) Outdoor-equipment-producer, but these skates seem quite good too 😀
    Thanks for the information!

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