Hydro Flask True Pint Insulated Glass

Gearflogger reviews the Hydro Flask True Pint insulated glasses

Oh glorious day! Hydro Flask has brought its shiny insulated goodness to where it was needed most, the consumption of beer. Here at Gearflogger HQ our preferred drink is IPA. Anything less hoppy – say, IBU of under 50 – is just not worth it. Until now we've used a simple stainless steel pint glass with a thin neoprene cozy to drink from. No longer.

The True Pint glasses hold exactly that: a pint when filled to the absolute top. This is perfect for 12 ounces plus head, and although we were initially disappointed we couldn't down a growler in four glasses we came to appreciate the fact that we now get an extra glass out of it.

The True Pint is sized that way for a reason, to maintain the correct proportion of a traditional conical glass pint glass, as dictated by law in some nations; yeah, we're looking at you UK. Many people are under the impression this is the only kind of pint glass, but there are a lot of variations, and if you really want to polish your beer snob credentials you'll want a glass specifically made for the style of beer you're drinking. For IPA that would be a tulip style glass, in fact even a wine glass will work better than a traditional pint in a pinch, but even better is something like the Spiegelau 19 ounce IPA glass, leaving room for a full pint plus head.

But we digress. If you're having your short pint under adverse conditions – some would say the best way to have it – you'll want something more survivable, like the True Pint. It's really a great addition to your camp kitchen in any case, because being insulated you can put hot or cold liquids in it and they'll stay that way for more than long enough to enjoy. The True Pint has a nice polished rim – and who doesn't like their rim polished? – as well as a grippy body, and even a step machined into the inside for easy stacking.

Bottom line, think of beer glasses the same way you think of skis: build a quiver, and make sure the True Pint is in it.

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