Honey Stinger energy snacks

GearFlogger reviews Honey Stingers energy snacks

Energy bars have come a long way, baby. I still have fond memories of nursing a sore jaw for a week after gnawing on a frozen old-school bar back in the day. Seriously, I thought I'd never spray again.

Honey Stinger energy bars, gels and chews will definitely require a little extra will power on your part not only eat them when you're actually hungry. They taste mmm-good. The carbo bars have a bit of a crunch to them; the Rocket Chocolate being especially tasty. The carbs are about 28g total with 18g simple sugars. The protein bars are also great, with about 10g per.

The gel is gel, I haven't found one yet that tempts me outside of life threatening situations. On the other hand, the chews are very de-lish, basically little gummy things with some potassium, sodium and Vitamin C thrown in. All in all a great assortment of flavors, all of them good to great, and very little danger of lockjaw even when cold.

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