HighGear XT7 ABC watch with GPS and heart rate monitor

GearFlogger reviews the HighGear XT7 watchCalling the HighGear XT7 is like calling Heidi Fleiss a hooker: it understates to the point of missing the point. The XT7 is a master (mistress?) of all trades, a wrist computer that builds on an ABC format watch to add in GPS functionality and a heart rate monitor.

The ABC functions are altitude, barometer and compass, all of which function as advertised. The watch does everything you could possibly ask of it, including speed/distance/pace, chronograph/timer and auto-syncing time/date/alarms, all backed up by a nice backlight and powered by a rechargeable battery.

The GPS is spot on, and combined with the altimeter you have a great record of not only your altitude loss and gain, but even slope percentages. The heart rate monitor strap is included, and pairs up seamlessly with the watch. The whole package is water resistant to 30m, so go nuts.

The unit is fairly thick, but the rounded corners and soft rubber strap make it feel light and tight, and the black color gives it a very nice low profile tactical look. Controls are easily accessible if you remember to use a pinch motion where your thumb is opposite on the bezel from the button you're pushing. They are a little small to use with gloves, but that's true of any unit in this class. Overall, the HighGear XT7 is gives stellar performance and a class leading feature set at a price point that's well below the competition.

$250.00 at REI


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