Headsweats ProTech hat

HeadsweatsHeadsweats sounds like something you get the morning after a particularly nasty pub-crawl. It’s also the company that makes hot weather headgear like the stuff you see all those Ironman wingnuts wearing.

The ProTech hat is the latest entry in my long search for the perfect outdoor sun hat that I can use everywhere, from glaciers to beaches. Made from Dupont Coolmax it weighs like a feather, has a snugger cord and a nice sweat band inside. UPF is about 20 in white and 35 in khaki. No more lobster-head comments from those snot-nosed surfer punks.

The ProTech has a sturdy just-big-enough brim and is very well constructed. The cape falls nicely around the neck and ears, although it will leave your jaw unprotected. The only feature it lacks, and this is appropriate given its racing heritage, is a means to close the cape in front of the neck for better coverage and windy conditions in the mountains.

$25.00 at Headsweats



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