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Gearflogger reviews the Head Hybrid glove

Since we interact with the world so much through touch, a good pair of gloves is appreciated much beyond its original purchase price. Recently we came across these Head Hybrid Gloves at Costco for dirt cheap and bought them on impulse since our daily driver gloves, the Outdoor Research Sensors, were finally and inevitably coming apart after years of solid service.

After a couple months of daily winter use for everything from driving to skiing we're pretty happy with them. The Hybrid is touch-compatible, which is great for things like a touch-sensitive unlock function on a car door, and will do in a pinch for a phone screen. The fingers are a bit blocky for small touch manipulation, but that's to be expected for a warmer glove like the Hybrid.

How warm? We're fine in the Hybrid down to single digits. They're fairly wind-resistant, pleasant to the touch (by which we mean wiping your snotty nose) and the low-profile cuff fits under jacket arms easily. We were a little concerned about the fabric on the back of the hand, as it looks like it could catch and tear easily, but we've had no problems so far.

The only other ding is the traction material is only along the palm of the hand, and the fingers are pretty slick for holding on to anything. We'd pay a bit more for touch-sensitive leather palms and fingers like the OR Sensor, but for the price it's really hard to argue with the Hybrid; it's a good glove for cold weather use, and a great glove at the price. Available in any color you want, as long as it's gray or black.

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