Gura Gear Chobe camera bag

GearFlogger reviews the Gura Gear Chobe camera bagHere's a little something for all you OCD photoglodytes (get it? photographer + troglodyte?) out there: Gura Gear is here to enable you with their hyperorganized kit, in this case the Chobe 19 to 24 litre shoulder bag.

Calling the Chobe a shoulder bag is like saying Joan Rivers had a "little" work done. The Chobe is a monster, swallowing everything (make your own celebrity comparison here) you can throw in it. Touting a sailcloth construction, the Chobe is deceptively lightweight while still being tough as nails.

We just don't have the space to describe all the pockets in this thing (see video and more pix), so here's the highlight reel: inside are two mesh zipped pockets, useful and accessible, mounted high and out of the way of the main lens organizer eggcrate. The handles are minimalist without feeling uncomfortable, even under load. When things get heavy, use the shoulder strap, complete with grippy material so it doesn't slide around as you're dodging bullets. The padded laptop sleeve holds a 15" wide (actual width, not screen size) laptop. The two outside pockets have pockets inside of pockets, complete with everything from pen sleeves (yes, plural) to small zipped mesh pockets.

The main compartment has an infinitely adjustable eggcrate for lenses, beer, hand grenades or anything else you can imagine, a plethora of rip-and-stick dividers included. So why is the Chobe listed as 19 to 24 litres? Because there's a zipper that compresses the bag to a more manageable 6 to 8 inches wide, eggcrate removed. Sweet! Overall the Chobe does a lot of things well, no small design feat. If you're looking for a uber-organized bag that can transition easily between camera, computer and general travel use, the Chobe is your bag. Even if you may have to hold a bake sale to afford the price of entry.

$299.99 at Amazon


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