GSI Dualist cook system

Gsidualist The clever little hobbitses at GSI are up to their tricksy ways again. They make many small (and some large) useful items related mostly to eating and drinking outdoors. Their solutions range from ultralight to basecamp, but all benefit from highly thoughtful design.

The award-winning GSI Dualist (also comes as a Soloist) cook set is a lovable little setup that will allow you and a partner to do the mostest with the leastest. For 20oz on your back you get two bowls, two mugs (basically an insulated nesting bowl), two sippy lids, and a pot with a lid. But wait; that’s not all, the whole thing stores inside a Sink Sack that can haul water, wash dishes and hydrate Fido.

The details really set this set apart. The Lexan pot lid has steam/strainer holes and the pot handle folds over the top to lock everything in.The sippy lids on the mugs protect both adults and kids from spillage, and the bowls and mugs are color-coded so you don’t mix up your oatmeal with your chipped beef. You can even store a 220g fuel canister and ultralight stoves inside, and/or cookware, spices, etc. The Dualist is fairly tough, and it cleans up nicely. The only thing we would add is a handle strap for the Sink Sack to make carrying water easier, but that’s really a minor quibble with our new favorite cookware.

$49.95 at REI




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One response to “GSI Dualist cook system”

  1. I love this cookset. I’m not a huge fan of the “collapsible sporks” though. They are uncomfortable and slightly less sturdy and have 1 more moving part than I’d like in a utensil… but then again, I don’t mind the extra ounce to bring a full size spork along with me.
    Everything else works as described. And is pretty convenient.
    But what is with the instruction manual? According to the manual I am holding the most deadly of all my camping equipment. It has three sections labeled “WARNING”, “CAUTION”, and “DANGER” along with many exclamation points and arrows. Maybe they’re just trying to instill a sense of adventure into their gear, but honestly if you hurt yourself using a bowl perhaps you shouldn’t be sleeping out in the woods with all those sharp leaves and hard rocks.

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