Granite Gear Air Compressor sacks

AircompressorThere are two kinds of people in this world: stuffers and folders. For the former there is the Air Compressor line from long-time stuffing pimp-daddy Granite Gear.

At just 3.4oz for the medium light is right. The sack compresses well with the attached four-point lid. It is translucent so if you have two equal-sized sacks with different color contents you can quickly tell what’s what.

They are very thin so treat with care; if you’re the kind of person whose gear always looks manky after just a week of use (you know who you are) you may want to spring for something beefier. The bathtub-style stuff sacks (no compression straps) are also handy, although I did rip off an end strap.

$27 at REI (size medium)


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