Granger’s One Step Wash and Waterproofer

GearFlogger reviews Granger's One Step Wash and Waterproofer If there's one thing we like to hear down here at dirtbag central, it's wash and wear. Better would be just wear, but sometimes you gotta throw civilization a bone.

For those occasions when you've got some filthy technical shell that's lost it's waterproof mojo, Granger's One Step Wash and Waterproofer is the shortest path to improvement. It won't restore your DWR to like-new, but it noticeably improves water resistance on Gore-Tex, eVent, Conduit, Membrain and the like.

Each 10 oz. bottle will treat about four jacket-size garments, so it's definitely a positive return on investment. Just pour it into the wash, run one cycle, tumble dry medium heat and you're back to your nasty old habits. Bonus: it does a good job of getting the funk out and no nasty smell afterwards, except for your own personal reek. I don't care if you call it musk. It stinks. Nobody wants to smell you. Soap, dude.

For footwear, check out Granger's G-Max Footwear Gel Cleaner ($2.98 at Amazon) and G-Max Universal Footwear Waterproofer ($9.16 at Amazon). Again, they don't work miracles but it's a small investment to protect your expensive go-fasters.

$14.00 at REI



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