GoSun Flatware

Gearflogger reviews GoSun flatwareStainless steel flatware that fits in a credit-card sized sleeve and weights nothing? Yes, please! GoSun hooked us up with their nifty little fork and spoon set some time ago. It disappeared into our camping gear and ended up being one of those things that was out in the field so long we forgot to review it! So, apologies to GoSun, but yay everyone else if you're looking for the most compact version of eating utensils possible

GoSun flatware slides into its own handle and stores in a small plastic case that's just over 2×3 inches, and less than a quarter-inch thick. What's nice about the case is that it is not fully enclosed, so if you don't get the flatware completely dry after washing it, it won't get nearly as funky as if it were in an enclosed case.

Both the fork and spoon have small spring-loaded wire tabs that keep them extended during use, so if you push the fork into something it's not going to collapse. The fork is bomber and works perfectly. The spoon has a very shallow cup to it, necessary for such a flat design, so you're not going to be eating soup with it – at least not efficiently – but for oatmeal, cereal, and the like it works just great. Did we mention it works for gelato? Travel time!

When you're home from your adventure, just throw it in the dishwasher. Stainless steel for the win! GoSun gives us a seriously great alternative to plastic, so if you're outfitting your camp kitchen, planning on ultralight travel, or just want a great addition to your EDC or go-bag, give the planet a little love and check out GoSun flatware.

$29.00 at GoSun




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