Gordini Silkweight Briefs – Men’s

GearFlogger reviews the Gordini Silkweight men's brief As we all know, the primary purpose of men's underwear is to protect your pants from your ass. You gotta keep 'em separated, like the Berlin Wall or the 38th parallel. Gordini has a little something for you here.

Gordini's Silkweight men's briefs due a good job of wicking and after a few months of wearing and washing the elastic – usually the weak point for technical underwear – seems to be holding up just fine. Supposedly there's some kind of anti-microbial treatment to reduce bacteria and odor. My butt bacteria is usually pretty tough, but the Gordinis are going all Russian mafiya on my ass and keeping things under control.

These have a fly, which I've always wondered if anyone actually uses. I'm a fan of the yank-em-down method, much faster than tunneling for treasure if you know what I mean. The only downside is the fit, which is generally small especially around the thighs. If you have skinny legs order your normal size, otherwise you might consider going up one.

$8.93 (on sale from $14.50) at REI Outlet



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  1. Gentlemen (he says generously),
    I don’t often peruse the “competition” but I check your site out once in a while. Very nice.
    Your line about the primary purpose of underwaer is one of the funniest I have ever read. Well done. I wish I had written it.
    Take care and keep up the good work.
    Wade Nelson

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