Gearflogger Expedition Nutrition Schedule

Gearflogger Expedition Nutrition Schedule

Planning your spring fling on a high, cold pile of rock and ice? Sounds like an expedition, and a big part of expedition planning is developing a sound nutrition and hydration strategy.

We don't claim to be experts in this area, but we do have a spreadsheet! Introducing the Gearflogger Expedition Nutrition Schedule. We were going to call it the Gearflogger Optimal Nutrition Attainment Development System, but, well, you know…

Any-hoo, you could simply pile a bunch of food and fuel in your sled and hope for the best, but there are those among you who, like us, like to plan things out. Some would say overthink things, but to those people I say, let me think about it.

It's filled with a notional 2,360 calorie schedule for a 15 day Denali trip, in Excel 2010 format, and laid out for printing on normal size 8.5×11 paper. Make sure you also print the comments, which are the cells with the little red triangles in the corners. Check it out and comment on the post with your own ideas.

Download GENS 2014.03.26



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