Garmont Miguasha Low Nubuck FG shoe

Gearflogger reviews the Garmont Miguasha Low Nubuck FG shoe

We've become big fans of Garmont footwear here. The fit just works, the quality is always high, and their shoes and boots are targeted at specific categories of use that make sense. That doesn't mean they're one-trick ponies however, as evidenced by the Miguasha shoes.

The Miguasha is classified as Active Travel and comes in a low oiled full-grain leather model that we're reviewing here, and also low and high GTX waterproof versions. We've previously reviewed the GTX high for women favorably, and the men's low non-waterproof version shares most of the same positives: it's a really good-looking shoe that doesn't look out of place in the office but can hike all day too. It's supremely comfortable, thanks to a rubber midsole and a heel design that effectively locks you in.

The proof is in the pudding (why? why is it in the pudding?) as they say, and the Miguasha performs admirably whether the trail is pavement, gravel or dirt. You wouldn't want to carry a heavy load or bushwhack too much in the Miguasha, but Garmont has other footwear for those purposes and a lot more. The Miguasha does everything on trail and a good amount of light off-trail work with style and substance. The Vibram sole is grippy and transitions from snow and ice to slush to rock seamlessly, and we never found ourselves wishing for more shoe.

We were very interested in the full grain leather construction and how it would perform in snow, slush and the like. Full grain leather is the highest quality leather, stronger and more breathable then other types of leather. We've found it to be extremely water resistant and very comfortable across a wide range of conditions. It does require a slightly longer break-in period, and longer term you'll want to put a little maintenance into the leather, but it's well worth it. Overall we are huge fans of this shoe, and we think you will be too.

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