Garmont Mega Ride randonee boots

Megaride Here's your ticket to ride with both step-in and Dynafit bindings. The Garmont Mega Ride randonee boot is an awesome four buckle backcountry doghouse that you can bring to the groomers with nothing lost in translation.

Weighing in at less than 7.5lb per pair the Mega Ride is plenty stiff enough with four fully-adjustable buckles and a power strap to boss around your fatties with confidence on the steeps. Switch them over to walk mode and they have lots of travel, and a beefy tread to goat it over rock and other mank when you have to do your bohemian bootpack routine.

The tongue is thickly padded, the cant is adjustable and there's a little plastic "spoiler" thingie behind your calf that does I-have-no-earthly-idea-what, but it looks cool. The liners are warm and you can lace them if you want – I just leave them loose usually. Overall the fit is more appropriate for medium to small volume feet, with plenty of arch support that translates into a more comfortable hiker than some of my mountaineering boots.

$459.93 at REI



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