Freestyle Killer Shark watch

GearFlogger reviews the Freestyle Killer Shark watch Another surf-inspired watch design from Freestyle, the Killer Shark is available in a full rainbow of high-gloss colors including the ever-popular Walt-Disney-threw-up-on-me Rasta. The white color is unusual in a watch, and very appreciated for the fact that it will be living under a tropical sun and will stay cool. Plus it matches our gangsta spats.

Apart from the colors, the Killer Shark is a pretty standard watch design circa 1980s Casio-style: digital quartz movement, chronograph, stopwatch, dual time/alarms, pre-set timer and calendar. The sports pedigree kicks in with 100m water-resistance, Night Vision which turns the digits a cool blue, and Hydro Pusher buttons that can be operated underwater.

If you're looking for a cool, inexpensive watch to go with your retro Members Only jacket (you know it's still in the back of your closet, freak!) the Killer Shark is big on your wrist and will survive all the surf and sand you can throw at it.

$60.00 at Amazon


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