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AcsmLogo I know all you GearFloggers out there treat your body as a temple. A tequila-sponging, beer-chasing, donut-swilling, bad-taco-eating, projectile-vomiting temple. And it is because of that attitude that I am pleased to bring you this public service announcement courtesy of the American College of Sports Medicine.

As we vainly try to make up for our errant ways by training harder, there is so much junk science out there that (un)informs opinion on exercise and nutrition it's always a pleasant surprise to find gems of theory and evidence. Enter the ACSM official position statements, two of which were recently updated earlier this year in their publication Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise.

The two papers are Nutrition and Athletic Performance and Progression Models in Resistance Training for Health Adults (that's weight training for all us mouth-breathers). Both are chock full of good advice backed by sound science. Each paper does the additional service of classifying the nature of the evidence from Excellent (double-blind randomized clinical trials involving genetic twins separated at birth) to Downright Shitty (my cousin Dave works out every day in prison and he says…). Free. Expert. Sold.

Download ACSM position stands



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