Feedback Pro Elite bike repair stand

Gearflogger reviews the Feedback Pro Elite bike repair standIn sports where weight counts – and let's be clear, that's pretty much anything powered by us sickly humans – we're used to shelling out extortionate sums for matchbook-sized gear. Every once in a while it's nice to get something a little more substantial for your hard-earned Benjamins, and the Feedback Pro Elite bike repair stand definitely satisfies that urge.

The Pro Elite earns a Solid from none other than Undercover Brother. It weighs a perfectly portable 13 pounds but feels like something you could tune an Abrams tank on, and the fit and finish are Ferrari beautiful. It's not just the look and feel that are so great; beauty goes all the way to the bone with the Pro Elite. The tripod base is stable on just about any surface, it adjusts six ways from Sunday and will clamp any bike you can throw at it with nary a wiggle.

To mount a bike just push the clamp in until it contacts the tube, then give the knob a couple twists to tighten it up. Release is even easier, just push the red button and bang! – you've nuked China! No, not really, it just releases your bike with one-finger ease. Mountain bikes, cyclocross bikes, anything up to the rated 85 pounds is no problem. Even the storage is well designed: you can partially collapse the tripod base to stand it in a corner, or fully collapse it, rotate the head down and stuff it in the included (!) travel case. We can even vouch for the price, because this should be the last stand you ever buy.

$261.00 at REI




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