Feedback Alpine Digital Bicycle Scale

GearFlogger reviews the Feedback Alpine Digital Bicycle Scale OK, this is pretty awesome: a digital scale with a big honkin' hook from which you can hang your bike, your pack, your luggage or anything else that needs hangin', like tourists in Texas.

Feedback's Alpine Digital Bicycle Scale is useful for so much more than bikes. Once you hang it up by its nine-inch cord, three buttons on the front allow you to turn it on/off, zero the scale and set the units to either kilograms, pounds or pounds and ounces. We compared it to our postal scale and found the Feedback to be accurate to within about half an ounce. The rubberized hook is designed to take a mountain bike wheel so bring on your full-suspension fattie.

Equipped with auto-shutoff for those of us who have left most of our important brain cells on tops of mountains, it runs on four AAA batteries and maxes out at about 25 kilos or 55 pounds. The ruggedized housing stands up to garage-ape abuse and you can even clamp it into a bicycle repair stand. The whole unit is high quality and up to the usual Feedback levels of extraordinarily usable design. It'd be nice to see the max load double to let us weigh some big-mountain monster packs, but for 99% of what normally needs to get weighed the Feedback Alpine Digital Bicycle Scale is da bomb.

$62.00 at REI




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