Eton FR-400 radio

Etonfr400Putting together your ultimate survival kit for when the balloon goes up? Or maybe you’re just looking for an expedition radio that can survive with no batteries. Either way take a look at the Eton FR-400 hand-crank radios.

Very cool, compact design and more features than you can shake a stick at: water resistant, siren, cell phone charger with adapters, LED white light flashlight/red light strobe, AM/FM/TV1/TV2/NOAA weather. Best of all it can be powered via hand crank, three AAA batteries, included AC adapter and integrated Ni-MH battery (it’s also charged by the crank).

Tough if not indestructible the FR-400 provides great value for the price and peace of mind. Need more cool factor? The alert function will turn the radio on automatically when the National Weather Service issues a warning for flood, tornado, plague of locusts or a libertarian actually being allowed to participate in a presidential debate.

$59.99 at Amazon


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2 responses to “Eton FR-400 radio”

  1. I own an Eton FR-400 and wish to use it only for weather alerts. How should I set each of the four dials/switches so that the alarm will go off if there is a tornado or other weather emergency in my area? Do I set it to AM, FM, TV or Weather. There are batteries in the unit but I have it plugged into an AC circuit using the provided DC 4.5v adapter. There are no instructions on your packaging. Thank you.

  2. I own the Eton FR-400 radio and love it, what a durable piece of equipment. Have gotten alot of use out of it recently during some climbs I’ve done. I also purchased a SPOT Satellite Messenger from which was an awesome addition to my gear, it works where cell phones don’t to get you help if you need it or just to notify family or friends that your OK , very affordable.

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