Eton American Red Cross Aluminator Series AFL200 flashlight

GearFlogger reviews the Eton American Red Cross Aluminator Series AFL200 flashlight

Eton produces a lot of products for the American Red Cross, including radios, lights and combination units with chargers. It's a worthy cause, and the products are reasonably priced and definitely servicable.

The Aluminator flashlight series has four lights, 100 through 400, moving up in size with the number and taking bigger and/or more batteries. We tested the AFL200, a 3xAAA light that puts out a respectable 120 lumens in a compact package. The AFL200 is not too small, about an inch in diameter for the handle and 5.5in long, and the grip is rubberized and textured. The included lanyard is a nice touch, plenty big enough to go around a gloved hand.

There is a single on/off switch near the bright end. It would be handy to have a switch on the butt, however this is not a tactical light so a single switch is appropriate. The AFL200 is somewhat weatherized, rated as IPX-4 "splash-proof," and the aluminum body confers a degree of impact resistance. The Cree 3 watt LED light is a decent quality white with minimal dispersion out to about 50 feet, and useful illumination to over twice that distance. All in all it's a handy little no-frills unit that will put up with moderate abuse, great for its intended use as an emergency light.

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