Energizer Trailfinder 1 Watt LED Headlight

Energizer1 I don't know if there's any truth to the rumor that the little pink Energizer bunny is the unholy offspring of Barney the purple dinosaur (of indeterminate sexual orientation) and a Hostess Sno-Ball, but it's my job to pass these things on. In any case the bunny now has a line of Trailfinder outdoor lights that are pretty decent.

We tested the 1 Watt LED Headlight; other models are available with fewer, smaller light configurations and they are even less expensive. The Trailfinder is a working man's headlamp: i.e. a bit bulky and heavy at 4.6oz, but those are the only dings. What you get for not much money is a solid, dependable headlamp, and bonus: it comes with three Energizer batteries. The Trailfinder 1 Watt has three modes: two small LEDs (50 hours) for general flood illumination; two small red LEDs (75 hours) for low-light and night vision; and a honkin' big 1 watt LED (11 hours) to blind your enemies. We never maxed out the listed run times but they seem reasonable.

All lighting modes function well, and the red lights are particularly useful for saving battery life and not ruining your night vision. They also won't wake up your tent mates when you're trying to find something in the dark.The battery compartment is easily accessible, and there's a forward tilt feature that is solid enough to use on the trail. The wide headband is comfy and fully adjustable even over helmets. Other lights may be lighter, run longer or shine brighter, but if you're on a budget the Trailfinder lights provide excellent value.

$21.87 at Lowe's



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