Emmy’s Organics Macaroon Cookies

Gearflogger reviews Emmy's Organics cookies

For the love of god, just when we were getting a handle on our end-of-winter sugar and fat cravings along comes Emmy's Organics with their damn macaroons. We're not really sure what macaroons technically are or are not (ask the Wikipedia), but apparently it's the liberal use of coconut that makes it so.

These cookies are the bomb. The fat bomb, that is, with 100 calories per pill. If you follow their advice to stack a chocolate one on top of a peanut butter one you just chugged 210 calories and 16 grams of fat. If you make a peanut butter sandwich – not that we know anyone who did this, no, not at all, certainly not us – with a peanut butter between not one but TWO chocolates that's basically a hamburger equivalent in terms of calories.

But the taste, holy cow, the chocolate – or cacao, in Emmy's language – is just crazy good. We have a fondness for coconut combined with chocolate anyway, and this cookie nails it. It's not really a cookie, it's so moist, it's just a little choco-coco slice of happiness. We also like the peanut butter, and even the vanilla and lemon – not normally our thing – are pretty damn good.

So if you're looking for a little something-something to power up when all seems lost, talk to Dr. Emmy. She will hook you up with her USDA organic, grain- and gluten-free, vegan, paleo, non-GMO goodness. Just enjoy in moderation, because the whole bag goes down real easy, or so we hear, and that just might stop your heart and kill the love.

$34.25 for a five-pack at Amazon



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