Eddy Bowl

Gearflogger reviews the Eddy Bowl

There are a number of portable bowls that are useful on the go. Along comes a company named Eddy to give us the ultimate in ultralight dog hydration and feeding assistance. Combine this with BioBag Dog Waste Bags and you've got both ends covered!

The Eddy Bowl is a folded paper bowl that weighs essentially nothing and takes up essentially no room. Even your ridiculous hipster skinny jeans can hold one of these with no visible line. The inside is coated, and once filled with water or food it's quite stable unless you've got some sasquatch dog pulling you around.

Best of all it's reusable, so just one can make do for a weekend trip. And when you're done, into the recycle bin. Most of the time we'll make do with something more permanent, sure, but for those occasions when space and weight are of the essence having an Eddy Bowl around sure is nice.

3 Pack for $9.99 at Eddy



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