Ecuadane Blankets

Gearflogger reviews the Ecuadane blanketLiving in a colder climate here in Alaska we're always looking for things to keep us warm. Other human beings top the list of course, but only slightly below them are cozy blankets. Ecuadane fulfills our desires in that area with their extra large and extra comfy traditionally-inspired blankets.

We've been fighting over the Cotacachi water blanket in the Gearflogger household the past month. Not only does the large 93×82 inch size easily cover two adults and one littleflogger, the facing on the blanket is soft and inviting, made from a blend of Ecuadorean alpaca and synthetics.

Ecuadane blankets are "manufactured in the heart of Ecuador by native Otavaleños living amidst the Andes Mountains and volcanoes." The end result is a wonderful blend of traditional and modern materials and craftsmanship, and as an added bonus you can machine-wash and tumble-dry, with just a quick brush if needed.

So if you're looking for something a little unusual from a company that's doing it right, check out Ecuadane blankets. It'll save you a trip to South America, although you should probably plan on doing that anyway!

$129.99 at Ecuadane



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