Dual Eyewear SL2 sunglasses

GearFlogger reviews the Dual Eyewear SL2 sunglassesWe see some pretty off-the-wall ideas like the Jewel Warmer and the Wine Rack and so we can get a little bit jaded. Then something comes  along that blows our skepticism away. Enter Dual Eyewear and their effing ingenious sunglasses.

If you've got far vision that's fine but find yourself cursing your inability to read the data on a cycling computer, wrist computer or anything with small print, you'll soon be singing the praises of Dual Eyewear's glasses. Built-in magnification zones make that GPS, heart rate monitor or smartphone screen clear again. The zones are available in +1.5, 2, or 2.5 diopters, they're unobtrusive and you get used to them very quickly.

Available in three styles, we tried the Dual SL2 with no bottom frame. They are ultralight, fit like glasses that cost five times as much, and are overall just a righteous piece of eyewear. The polycarbonate lenses are high quality, shatterproof and 100% UV protective. The slip-on design with no-slip rubber pads that really work is perfect for sporting use, and interchangeable lenses are available. Sure, you can get stick-on magnifiers but at this price why would you? Dual Eyewear's sunglasses are stylish and effective and would be a great deal even without their secret superpower. Just don't call them bifocals.

$49.95 at Dual Eyewear



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