Digital Photography Outdoors book

Photography_3In Some Like It Hot Jack Lemmon describes watching Marilyn Monroe walk as "like jell-o on springs!" That type of unpredictable motion also happens to describe my photographs, and that mental association may explain why I want to lick them… but I digress.

Optical image stabilization helps with the jell-o shots – mmm, jell-o shots – but there is a heck of lot else to learn about shooting good pics. Breathe easily, because it’s all here: Digital Photography Outdoors (second edition) is a graduate class for all us waffle-stompers. It starts with the basics in a chapter aptly titled "The old rules of photography still apply" that covers composition, light and some other ground rules.

The book marches on through equipment, advanced techniques and getting the most out of your "digital darkroom." It’s all extremely well-organized and informative, with plenty of clearly illustrated examples. One example of the detail you get is in the treatment of "workflow," the process of moving an image from capture to output and all the in-between steps that can affect final image quality. Photographs are a vital part of post-adventure enjoyment, and Digital Photography Outdoors will help you make the most of them.

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