Datexx ULTRABattery charger

Ultrabattery Let's face it, the backcountry experience occasionally requires a little electronic assist: avalanche beacon, cell phone, GPS, laptop, camera, MP3 player, personal massage device (hey man, it's not for me…), you get the idea. But what happens when the battery dries up and the fun goes away? ULTRABattery to the rescue!

The Datexx ULTRABattery is a nifty little unit that uses a USB port and cable with various adapters to charge stuff. I used it travelling recently – did I mention it's the only unit of this type that is FAA approved? – and it repeatedly charged my BlackBerry and camera with no problems. Even after multiple charges it wasn't drained, and the cool thing is you can press a button on the front and a charge remaining indicator lights up.

It comes with a USB adapter and a bunch of common cell phone tips. There's a USB jack as well so you can plug devices in directly. It's funny, I'm always complaining about batteries running down, and now I can't remember the last time I went on that particular rant. Oh wait, I remember now: it was the time I didn't bring the ULTRABattery. Lesson learned.

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