CycleTorch Shark 550R Rechargeable Bike Light

Gearflogger reviews the CycleTorch 550R rechargeable bike lightIt's a great time to be alive if you like inexpensive, high-performing lights of any type. On the cycling front, CycleTorch has a great little light set to keep you out of the gutter – OK, maybe that's asking too much for some of you – and safely in your lane.

The taillight is a standard small red clip-on unit that comes with a flexible strap and bracket for easy mounting on your seat post. The front light in the set is a 550 lumen, compact, lightweight light in an IP65 dustproof and water resistant housing. The light features an easily operated oversize on/off button on top that cycles through high/medium/low/flash settings for respective runtimes of 2.5, 4.5, 9 and 20 hours. The light easily recharges overnight via micro USB. A nice feature is the power button is illuminated and changes from blue to red to indicate low power, so you won't be surprised in the darkness.

The light mounts to your handlebars with a nifty little quick-release strap, so if you're leaving your bike out unattended you can easily detach the light and take it with you. Overall the Shark 550R is a great little light that can compete with much more expensive models. The light throw is sufficient for urban and light-duty mountain biking, so unless you're a serious trail crusher or road warrior give the Shark 550R a look.

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