Columbia Riptide sport sandals

Rip-tideSandals are McLovin' for ya feet! Normally I'm pretty easy on my equipment, if you know what I mean, but for some reason I just tear sport sandals up. Maybe because I live in them, maybe because I have to put my foot up my climbing partners chute so often, I don't know.

Anyway, I found myself needing a new pair and when I saw a pair of Columbia Riptides on sale I grabbed them and wore them out of the store. What appealed to me so much was their understated look: no neon chameleon-striped bad-LSD trip look here, just low-toned brown. These are a great travel sandal, with a conservative look and weatherproof performance.

The spandex/neoprene construction of the Riptides is light and plenty comfy, with a quick-adjust two-strap design and a grippy mid-traction sole. It's not lugged for hiking like my last pair, but they're great on the wet stuff. I was a little worried about the two-piece front strap, having read some reviews that complained it was abrasive. I've had no problems myself, and I think most people won't because the straps are so soft. Nice find, nice price.

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