Colter Co. Stayin’ Alive Survival Bandana

Gearflogger reviews the Colter Co. Stayin' Alive reflective survival bandanaGot your do-rag on? If not it's time to channel your inner Zorro and protect that hairdo with a stylin' bandana from Colter Co. And if you're wearing a bandana, it should be a survival bandana dammit! And if it's a survival bandana, it might as well be one called Stayin' Alive.

Colter makes a nice bandana, no doubt. Their Stayin' Alive print on their reflective survival bandana makes it a little more useful. It's hunter safety orange to start with, so if you really do find your and your -do in harm's way, it makes a good signal panel. The silver ink is reflective, maximizing your chances of being seen at a distance, especially at night. The printing is high quality and should survive quite a few washes.

The printing on the bandana reminds you to stop, think, observe, and plan, all good ideas. More specifically the four quadrants of the bandana have tips on securing shelter, water, fire, and food. It's all good stuff, printed on a 22 inch square piece of 100 percent cotton. It's a little pricey for what is essentially a square of cotton, but the safety orange, reflectivity, and good advice are worth a few extra bucks. We only wish they made one in a 40 inch square size, that way it could be used to fashion a nice sling too.

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