Colorado Snow Climbs

ColoradoEvery state should be so lucky as to have a guidbook like Colorado Snow Climbs: A Guide for All Seasons. Written by Dave Cooper and distributed by Mountaineers books, this handy title has route descriptions for 42 snow climbs across Colorado’s high country, organized by season.

The book features color topographic maps generated using National Geographic Map’s decent TOPO! software, as well as GPS waypoints and lots of excellent color photographs. I’m not familiar enough with the terrain to say how accurate the text is, but the production quality is top-notch and given that Dave Cooper obviously lives and breathes the Colorado mountains I’m guessing they are mostly spot-on.

Each route description follows the same format: basic data on elevation, distance, difficulty, gear required and the specific USGS quad topo maps for the area. Following the data is a five-part narrative section: Getting There, Comment, Approach, The Climb and Descent. The climbs span the spectrum in difficulty level from basic axe/crampons/helmet routes to more technical jobs requiring a full range of snow and ice tools and pro.

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