Coleman Esky Cooler

Gearflogger reviews the Esky cooler

Buy once, cry once, or so "they" say when it comes to paying for quality. That certainly applies to high-end coolers like the Esky, available from Coleman in 55, 85 and monstrous 135 quart capacities.

We've got the 85qt at home, and the first thing we did was to throw a bag of ice inside and set the timer. 24 hours later it was still more ice than water, and this was sitting inside at a comfy 70 degrees. OK, color us impressed.

Looking at the construction of the Esky, it's easy to see why it works so damn well. The thing is built like a tank. Our three-year-old can jump up and down on the lid with no visible flexing. Even my fat ass can stand on it, 200 pounds (plus a little extra winter weight, but I'm gonna take that off real soon now) and no problem. The surface is UV-resistant and tough as nails.

The 85qt weighs 42 pounds and measures roughly 35x10x22 on the outside, and 23x12x15 on the inside, so it's clearly big for its capacity, but it also has a freakin' six year warranty; that's more than my 2012 Jeep Grand Cherokee came with! The size is necessary to fit 2.5 inches of insulation on the top and bottom and 2 inches on the sides. Inside there's a dry storage basket that hooks on to the top rim to keep delicates out of the damp, there's a large cutting board that stores on the underside of the lid, and there are lock slots on both sides. The drain hole, handles and rubber toggles on the front are all oversize for easy manipulation.

There is even a fish scale on the top of the lid, tie down points, nonskid feet and antimicrobial protection on the inside. If NASA decided to build a cooler, they would have built the Esky. You can hand this one down to your children, and if you spend a lot of time outdoors where you need to keep things cool, it's worth every pinched penny.

On sale from $319.99 to $439.99 at Cabela's


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