Coghlan’s Ultralight Tent Stakes

GearFlogger reviews Coghlan's Ultralight Tent StakesNine inches of anodized orange aluminum lovin' is what you get from Coghlan with their new Ultralight Tent Stakes. These Y-shaped stakes are longer than the competition, just as strong and cost a lot less. And did we mention ultralight, at just 2.5oz for a four-pack?

Plastic tent stakes are often more trouble then they're worth, having to be too big to be strong enough, which makes them a nightmare to drive into tough ground. Metal wire stakes bend too easily in anything but soft to medium dirt, which leaves us with the various finned or geometric metal (usually aluminum) designs.

The Coghlan's are pretty strong, very difficult for most people to bend with bare hands, and they drive easily enough into even hard packed ground. Each fin is notched for tying guy lines into, and there's a nylon pull cord for aid in removal. At nine inches long they've got a bit extra holding power than the more common six and seven inchers out there. Nice design, nice price!

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